Cool Shoes & Socks

Why X Socks Are The Perfect Sock For Your Foot

X Socks are high-tech socks for your feet! They use variable-density padding in ‘zones’ to ensure that your feet maintain the proper contact with your shoes at all times. They also work behind-the-scenes to keep your feet optimally cooled and bathed in fresh air to prevent blisters and reduce the onset of sweating, swelling, and fatigue.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops are my all-time favorite kind of footwear! I’m all about whatever shows off your feet and keeps you comfortable. Not to mention the whole slip-on factor… ya gotta love shoes that you can just hop in & go!

Tiddies Are In! Check Out These Fun Sandals

Tiddies… are a fun ‘retro’ slip-on shoe that’s in a class of its own. These fun sandals have also come to be known as ‘summer camp shoes’ or ‘pirate shoes’. Regardless of what you call ’em, they’re some seriously cool shoes!

Unique Flip Flops Sandals & Memorabilia

Flip Flops aren’t just for beaches anymore. They’re not just for girls either. They can be found on happy feet in churches, offices, malls, and schools. Take your pick…