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I like Crocs, but they definitely have their good points and their bad points. The Croc-haters have a point. I mean, there are plenty of Crocs accidents that might warrant someone re-thinking the practicality of wearing Crocs. And then there's the question as to whether Crocs are environmentally friendly or not... The debate about Crocs continues...

Check out this fun footwear for kids! Choose from fun frog feet, yellow ducky feet, pink flamingo feet, and blue little monster feet. Fun!

There's no denying these mop & sweeper slippers make a lot of sense. But I just wonder how many people would actually buy them... I mean, for themselves. I can definitely see how they'd make great gag gifts. And from one spouse who always does all the sweeping and mopping to another... I'd try 'em!

Finally, a basketball shoe that looks expensive and trendy, but only costs $14.98. The kids love these sneakers. And finally, it's a tennis shoe that parents can afford!

In my mind, if these were a buck apiece, or at least under $2, then they'd be the hottest thing in footwear. I'd almost rather grab a 6-pack of 'em in different colors and think of them more as disposable sandals than fine fashion footwear. At $13 apiece I'm just an admirer right now.

Bamboo socks are better than cotton socks due to their incredible absorbency, antibacterial and wicking properties. And, despite what you might think, bamboo is VERY comfortable on the feet!

Check out these fluffy bath mats with built-in slippers. There's no better way to slip out of the shower and onto the cold floor... with slippers on your feet!

Fitflops are like flip flops, only they are a secret weapon for your ankles and calves. When you walk in them, they tone your legs at the same time. Here's everything you want to know about Fit Flops, plus the video of their coverage on Good Morning America.

Check out the Reef Dram Sandals with a built-in flask. These flip flops hold 3 ounces of liquid beverage -- per foot. That measures out to about 4 shots worth of your favorite adult beverage!