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7 Interesting (But Dangerous) Shoe Fads You Should Be Aware Of

Shoes are necessary, utilitarian, and mostly mandatory. They are also fun, creative, and wonderful expressions of our creativity and personality. In that expression of our personality, many of us gravitate toward different shoe fads. Shoe fads usually take one aspect of a regular shoe and exaggerate it. That means new fabrics, unusual lines, and even extreme heights.

Donate Shoes To Soles4Souls… It’s Easy And FUN!

I hate throwing out shoes, especially when they are in perfectly good condition. Like when your kids have outgrown them. Soles4Souls is a reputable organization that accepts gently worn shoes and gives them to people who are in need of shoes.

GPS Shoes Keep Kids And Adults Safe

I predict that these GPS shoes are going to take our world by storm, and change the way we view keeping our loved ones safe forever. Here’s how they work, and where to get your own pair of GPS shoes.

Shoes, Feet, And Posture: The Importance Of A Good Shoe

Did you know that the right shoe should have a heel that is actually slightly lower than the ball of the foot? And shoes without arch support actually flatten your foot and damage all those tender bones and muscles and ligaments. Here’s how the right shoes affect your feet…

Nike iPod Shoes Let You Track Your Running & Workout Routines

I can’t think of a shoe that is more high-tech than the Nike + iPod workout kit. All you have to do to have the best of all worlds is to get yourself a Apple iPod nano, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit. From there, your shoes and your iPod will begin to communicate with one another. You can watch the time, track your miles, and listen to songs — all while receiving real-time feedback about your run.

Crocs Shoes… You Either Love ‘Em Or You Hate ‘Em

I like Crocs, but they definitely have their good points and their bad points. The Croc-haters have a point. I mean, there are plenty of Crocs accidents that might warrant someone re-thinking the practicality of wearing Crocs. And then there’s the question as to whether Crocs are environmentally friendly or not… The debate about Crocs continues…