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Foot Exercises: How To Do Eccentric Contractions To Strengthen Your Achilles Tendon

Do you wear high heels a lot?

If so, then you will appreciate these quick & easy exercises called “eccentric contractions”.

Eccentric contractions stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon.


The Achilles tendon is that long tendon under the foot that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone.


How To Do Eccentric Contractions

It’s easy!…

1. Rise up on the tips of the toes with both feet while placing your hands on a wall for balance.

2. Once you are all the way up, lower yourself back down with the bad foot only.

This exercise is doing two things at once – lengthening the muscle while contracting it.That helps to gently stretch the part of the foot that is most stressed in high heels.
Dr. Timothy Charlton, assistant professor of orthopedics, USC Keck School of Medicine

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