Crocs Shoes… You Either Love ‘Em Or You Hate ‘Em

by Lynnette

Crocs, shoes

crocs-shoes-are-hot-or-not.jpg I actually happen to like Crocs shoes — especially the newer Crocs flip flops.

Though I have to admit, they don’t rank at the top of the list in terms of shoe fashion.

I mostly wear mine to work in the yard, when I’m camping, and walking to the mailbox each day.

Hey, if they’re good enough for the Royal Family, they’re good enough for me!


Prince George was spotted in the popular rubber clog at England’s Beaufort Polo Club, and Women’s Wear Daily reports that saw a 1,500% increase in sales of the shoe, as parents raced to dress their own toddlers like royalty, from head-to-toe. (You can find a similar version of the sensible style — perfect for an active toddler, royalty or not — here.)

But I also happen to like people who don’t like Crocs.

Check out this amazing collection of Crocs haters.

I think it’s rather humorous!


A Collection Of Croc Haters are haters. Their motto: “I hate Crocs so much, I bought the domain.”

Read how these guys got their start… Check out their first “I Hate Crocs” blog entry.

More Croc Haters:

For photos, check out the I Hate Crocs Flickr group!

For videos, check out these videos on YouTube.


Crocs Have Their Good Points, And Their Bad Points

To an extent, the Croc-haters have a point. I mean, there are plenty of Crocs accidents that might warrant someone re-thinking the practicality of wearing Crocs. Alas, escalators hate Crocs, too.

And then there’s the question as to whether Crocs are environmentally friendly or not

Ah yes… Crocs, you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

And if you love ’em and you have a dog… then you’ll love these Crocs shaped dog beds!