Tips For Having Feet Like A Foot Model

When a friend of mine needed foot models for her reflexology exam, I agreed to help her. Ever since that day, and coming home with the most wonderful feeling feet, I have tried to give my feet a little more consideration. Here’s how to greatly improve the condition of your feet and get feet like a foot model’s!

Foot Care Tips When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

People with Type 2 diabetes are much more likely to develop foot problems than those without it. Type 2 diabetes patients are prone to foot problems because blood vessels and nerves become damaged.

Make This Fun Barefoot Stocking With Painted Toes!

Looking for a novel idea for a Christmas stocking that you can make this year? Look no farther than this barefoot Christmas stocking in fun colors — and with painted toenails, too! Perfect for the person who has everything… the podiatrist… the pedicurist… or anyone with a crazy foot fetish.

What It’s Like To Get A Pedicure

Getting ready for your first pedicure? While each place will certainly be a little different in one way or another, I’ve been to enough nail salons and day spas to say that this is the basic procedure you go through when getting a pedicure — no matter where you go. Here’s what you need to know…

How To Make Your Pedicure (Or Manicure) Last Longer

You spend a significant amount of time getting a pedicure (…and maybe a lot of money, too). So whatever you can do to prolong the life of a pedicure, the better. Right? Here’s a quick tip to keep your pedicure looking great and lasting longer…

Painted Toes With Bling

These are my toes… seriously in need of a fresh paint job. Check out Lynnette’s pedicure-deprived feet…