Fergie Is One Of Those Celebrities With Feet That People Love To Hate

Fergie - Blackeyed Peas - photo by mccun934 on FlickrIt’s really amazing to me what some celebrity websites will get all up in arms about. This time, it’s Fergie feet pictures.

One blog called Media Takeout actually made a big deal about Fergie’s feet being dirty!

Here’s the story: That’s NASTY!… Fergie Hits the Red Carpet With Some Dirty Azz Feet

Personally, I looked at the picture of Fergie’s feet that they provided, and I can’t really see what they’re talking about.

You can just barely see the bottom of her feet!

Yes, they’re a little darker, but it isn’t from dirt.

I agree with the commenter who said she thought it was from sunless tanning lotion. That is what it looks like to me, too. I think her feet look fine.

Another blog (Stupid Celebrities Gossip) has a story about Fergie being at the airport and trying to check in when security decided they needed to more closely inspect the knee-high boots she was wearing.

I found this pretty humorous, considering these babies were skin tight. And the chances of her being able to get anything into them besides her feet and legs was clearly nil. Apparently, security both shook out her boots and scanned them anyway, just to be sure.

Here are the pics of Fergie undressing her feet in public.

One website called Trend 911 commented on Fergie’s footwear for one event last summer as being “tough looking” with formal stilettos, but that her toenails were well-groomed.

When I look at the picture, I just see a cool looking pair of sandals that are maybe a little less formal than some — since they have more straps than the traditional sandal might. I think they look stylish. And who wants to wear formal gowns and shoes all the time, anyway? That’s got to get old!

Check out Fergie’s well-groomed toenails in tough looking stilettos.



And in other Fergie feet news…

Did you know that Fergie has her own shoe line? Well she does, and it made its grand debut a couple months ago.

She’s a big fan of gladiator style shoes, so some of the sandals in her shoe line have that look. Incidentally, that’s the same type of shoe she was wearing when the above-mentioned writer called her shoes “tough looking.” I wonder if those were shoes from her own shoe line?

Fergie is one of the only women I know who could do high-heeled gladiator sandals with style!

Whether you love Fergie’s feet or not, you have to admit that she has style. Regardless of whether she’s barefoot or wearing a pair of the stylish gladiator type shoes she seems to really love, she is definitely someone worth following.



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  • Anonymous

    I think Fergie has very nice feet! i wouldnt mind seeing more of them!

  • Guest

    I think Fergie is hot, dirty feet or not. LOL!